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I have the next procedure

CREATE OR REPLACE Package PC.PCS_Material_Pkg 
TYPE Code_material_of_arr IS TABLE OF Number(30) INDEX BY BINARY_INTEGER;
TYPE Desc_Material_Of_arr IS TABLE OF Varchar2(240) INDEX BY BINARY_INTEGER;
Procedure PCS_Material
   ( SRV_Message                    In Out     Varchar2
    , In_xDesc_Material              In         Varchar2
    , Col_Codi_material_of           Out        Code_material_of_arr
    , Col_Desc_Material_Of           Out        Desc_Material_Of_arr
End PCS_Material_Pkg;

And i wish to know how to map it (xml) at least some clue of how to proceed. Sadly, i can't change the procedure and return a cursor.


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Could you please elaborate on the question..

Ibatis, usually has a sqlMap.xml file, in which you can write all the queries, and get a resultObject in return.

All you would really need to do is, provide Oracle DB drivers to Ibatis, and a query you want to run , in an xml file.

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i can connect to oracle using ibatis but i don't know how to connect with THIS procedure in particular. This procedure DOES NOT return a cursor, instead it return a custom type. –  magallanes Jan 17 '11 at 15:39

Here's an example (taken from another question). Note the mode of the params. You'll want to use Oracle jdbcTypes, but this should send you in the right direction.

<parameterMap id="mapping-description-modifiable" class="java.util.Map">           
    <parameter property="id" javaType="java.lang.Long" jdbcType="NUMERIC" mode="INOUT"/>         
    <parameter property="lang" javaType="java.lang.String" jdbcType="VARCHAR" mode="IN"/>         
    <parameter property="shortDesc" javaType="java.lang.String" jdbcType="VARCHAR" mode="IN"/>         
    <parameter property="fullDesc" javaType="java.lang.String" jdbcType="VARCHAR" mode="IN"/>         
    <parameter property="modify" javaType="boolean" jdbcType="NUMBER" mode="IN"/>     
<procedure id="add-description" arameterMap="mapping-description-modifiable">         
     {call COM_DESCRIPTION_PKG.add_desc(?,?,?,?,?)} 
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thanks but it does not work. It work with a primitive as return date but this function return custom type. I tried jdbctype=array object and type and nothing works. –  magallanes Jan 17 '11 at 17:22

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