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I have a staff class in Java and I can get the location on disk where it was loaded from using the following code:


In a jruby jirb session I tried the following:


and (edit)


both of which cannot find the method: undefined method `getProtectionDomain'

Is this method masked by jruby and if so, how can I call it?

[edit] I am using jruby 1.5.6.

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I believe it should be Staff.class.getProtectionDomain() in jruby as well.

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Still gives me the same error. –  Tony Eichelberger Dec 29 '10 at 22:16
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So there are a couple gotchas here (at least they were for me).

1) You can't get the java Class using the Constant like Staff.class - this will return the ruby Class object.

2) Once you have a java instance, you can only get it's java.lang.Class by using the getClass() method. Calling class with again give you the class object from the ruby hierarchy.

x = Java::java.lang.String.new("hi")
x.class.kind_of?(Java::java.lang.Class)  # evaluates to false
x.getClass().kind_of?(Java::java.lang.Class)  # evaluates to true

so then I just have to have an instance of Staff (in my example in the question) like this:

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