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We can check in MYSQL for example SELECT * FROM smth WHERE id IN(1,2,3) and select things where id 1, 2 or 3.

Is it possible to do it in PHP? To change this line:

if($_GET['mi'] == 4 || $_GET['mi'] == 5) { 

into a shorter line? Like if($_GET['mi'] in(1,2,3)) { true(); }


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Sure, use in_array:

if(in_array($_GET['mi'], array(4, 5)) { do_smth(); }
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$in = array(1,2,3);
if(in_array($_GET['mi'], $in)) { true(); }
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if(in_array($_GET['mi'), array(4, 5)) { do_smth(); }
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Use PHP's in_array function. You just need to create an array first.

$arr = array(1,2,3);
if (in_array($_GET['mi'], $arr))
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