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I have a requirement to schedule and unschedule a quartz job programmatically. I was able to schedule it using MyJob.schedule(cronExpression). Is there a way to similarly unschedule the job?

I am using quartz plugin 0.4.2 with Grails 1.2.3

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removeJob() removes the job altogether and it cannot be scheduled again programmatically with MyJob.schedule(Trigger)

Here is what worked for me,

quartzScheduler.unscheduleJob("TriggerName", "TriggerGroup")
//TriggerName and TriggerGroup are the name and group of the Trigger used for schedule
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This is a silly question probably, but how did you get the TriggerName and TriggerGroup out of MyJob.schedule? – Charles Wood Aug 8 '13 at 19:32
I would like to know too! thanks. – Dvora Dec 3 '13 at 13:28

QuartzGrailsPlugin.groovy says it's removeJob().

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Running version 1.0.1

See this

The trigger name by default on the MyJob.schedule() is screwy hardceoded UUID "GRAILS_586eb149-83f7-486c-88fc-e44a5bb0541" & a static group value of "GRAILS_TRIGGERS"

Either A: lookup your triggerName by the cronvalue (assuming it's unique) B: don't use the simple MyJob.schedule( trig) simple coolness provided by grails plugin.

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