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How would i insert information into a column in a mysql table where in a specific row. For example, I want to insert the word politics into the column interests in a row where name is john.

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mysql_query("UPDATE tableName SET interests='politics' WHERE name='john'");

If "politics" and "john" are php variables:

mysql_query("UPDATE tableName SET interests='".$interest."' WHERE name='".$name."'");

Further readings: PHP MySQL Update

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UPDATE table SET interests='politics' WHERE name='john';
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If you want to add a new profile then use INSERT INTO Profile (name,interests) VALUES ('john','politics'); If you want to add 'interests' to john's profile use UPDATE Profile SET interests='politics' WHERE name='john';

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INSERT INTO table_name VALUES (v1,v2,v3,...);


INSERT INTO table_name (c1,c2,c3,...) VALUES (v1,v2,v3,...);

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Would you explain it? – CodeiSir Dec 8 '15 at 8:06

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