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I have the following object data:

var response = {
    "response": {
        "numFound": 7945,
        "docs": [{
            "description": "target",
            "url": "target",
            "id": "269653",
            "score": 6.9186745
            "description": "Target Kent",
            "url": "Target_Kent",
            "id": "37275",
            "score": 4.3241715
    "highlighting": {
        "269653": {
            "description": ["<em>target</em>"]
        "37275": {
            "description": ["<em>Target</em> Kent"]

I can use response.response.docs[0].description to print out "target". But I don't know how to print out "<em>target</em>". Thanks.

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Please clarify your question. You said you can get it to print "target" but you don't know how to print "target"? –  Piontek Media Dec 23 '10 at 4:36
Question is not clear enough to be solved please edit and make things bit clear –  Varun Dec 23 '10 at 4:42
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Try it: http://jsfiddle.net/9QFAM/

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Assuming you need to keep the reference to docs[0] or whichever other object reference:

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