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I'm playing around tonight by writing my own square root function. I wrote one in Python that uses the round() built-in function to stop a loop. However, I'm rewriting the function in PLT Racket, and am having trouble finding the right function to round squares so that I can compare them.

#lang racket

(define (mySqrt of)
  (mySqrtWrk 0 of of))

(define (mySqrtWrk minv maxv of)
  (let* ([mid (+ minv (/ (- maxv minv) 2))]
         [squared (* mid mid)])
      [(= of squared) mid]     <------ this never evaluates to true
      [(< of squared) (mySqrtWrk minv mid of)]
      [else (mySqrtWrk mid maxv of)])))

Can anyone send me to the right documentation page or suggest an alternate solution?

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You can look up round, floor, quotient, and many more in the Racket documentation. But note also that Racket (like many other lisps) has a rich numeric tower, with exact rationals etc.

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Ended up using rationalize to stop irrational numbers from infinitely expanding. –  sholsapp Dec 28 '10 at 16:24

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