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I have a .NET application. Its source code performs no config file manipulations. I am wondering whether there is a way to instruct the CLR to bind the app to another config file. A command line switch is perfect, but as far as I know no such thing exists.

A registry change could be a solution, as long as it is consulted only during the application start, because I wish to run two instances of the app with different config files. So, if the registry is consulted during the app lifetime - no good.

Anyway, there could be other options. Still, I am unaware of any.



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Check out stackoverflow.com/questions/837133/… While it might not be exactly the answer to your question both marc and chris's answers could give you some ideas in the right direction –  InSane Dec 23 '10 at 7:46
Nope. While configuration framework walkthrough was very interesting I am interested in something completely different. –  mark Dec 23 '10 at 20:54

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Make a loader exe which does 2 following things:

  1. Reloads custom app.config file as shown here: Change default app.config at runtime

  2. Uses Assembly.Load() + invokes the assembly.EntryPoint

  3. Or, even better, create a new AppDomain, use domain.SetData("APP_CONFIG_PATH", your_path) + domain.ExecuteAssembly(your_file_name).

Other gotchas you're may run into:

  • COM Apartment of the new thread
  • Message loops already running
  • WPF dispatchers already created
  • possibly more :) Please post any exceptions/misbehaviours. I just don't have the code at hand right now to test, but did it before a couple of times.
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