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I am using linux, and I want to do simple image processing.
Given an image (.jpg) I want to cut a small square portion of that and save it as mySmallSqaure.jpg.
Is there a simple way to do this without using GIMP? I only want this kind of process, so I was thinking using GIMP would be heavy considering that I am only cutting small portion.

Any lightweight software to do this?

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downvoted, because : imagemagik is far from simple to use. –  airtonix Jun 5 '13 at 7:00

If you want a command line tool, you can use the already mentioned ImageMagick, if you want a GUI, you could try xpaint, fspot and a lot of other tools, that will probably do the job. BTW, this seems for like a question for superuser.com

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I love commandline. One point up for this. –  Neilvert Noval Jan 4 '11 at 5:02


sudo apt-get install gthumb
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