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How does one decide whether to put functionality in a generator like script or a rake (or thor task?

Some examples:

In thinking-sphinx, rake ts:start will start the sphinx daemon. But in delayed_job, scipt/delayed_job start will start the daemon. More or less same functionality (apparently) but different approaches.

Are there any obvious reasons for choosing between the two i.e., why was script/generate model was chosen over, say, rake generate:model

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In the past it has been a rather subjective matter. But today Rails 3 only has one file in the script directory (rails) so it's not the preferred place to put scripts anymore.

If you have a gem that needs to define one or more Rake tasks for a Rails app, the very best way is to add a Railtie to the gem (Railtie docs) and use the rake_tasks method.

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I decide between the two based on whether I need to load the entire rails environment/app for the script to run. If so, then I make it a rake task.

For example, if my script needs to access database objects, or code I use in my app, then for sure, I'll make it a rake task. Otherwise, making it simply in /script, it'll run much faster. If you notice, things like script/generate don't need to look at your rails app, and so aren't rake tasks.

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