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i have connected my wince device with from my code i am using following code to open COM1 port and write on it. but it is not opening.Why?

WCHAR* m_PortNam = L"COM1";
m_hCOM = CreateFile(m_PortName,         // Specify port device: default "COM1"
        GENERIC_WRITE,                      // Specify mode that open device.
        0,                                  // the devide isn't shared.
        NULL,                               // the object gets a default security.
        OPEN_EXISTING,                      // Specify which action to take on file. 
        0,                                  // default.

                         // default.

    //always going here
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Call GetLastError() and check what it returns. – Volker Voecking Dec 23 '10 at 8:43
can you open the com port using a terminalprogram like hyperterminal or putty – k3b Dec 23 '10 at 11:34

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In Windows CE, the port name must include the colon:

TCHAR *m_PortName = _T("COM1:");
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