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I need confirmation that this is correct. My requirement is all tables require 3 colunms:
1) Date row is created
2) Date row is last updated
3) Flag if the row is active or not.

So I have these 3 colunms in every table
is_active tinyint(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1',
created datetime NOT NULL,

I assume I do not have to do anything else, these columns can take care of themselves right? is_active will always default to 1 when the table is created, so i do not have to touch anything (just need to make those values to 0 manually later if i want to show a row as not active). Datetime will always auto set the current date & time the row is created on its own,i assume? And timestamp will auto update when the row is updated.

Am i missing something that i need to add like trigger or anything or is this good?

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i think is good, you cover all the requirements –  Haim Evgi Dec 23 '10 at 9:11

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Nothing that you posted indicates that the created datetime column will be automatically set. It has no default - you will need to provide a value for it.

You could make it a timestamp and give it the DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, but then you run into another issue - according to the MySQL docs, you can only use the magical DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP or ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP flags on the first TIMESTAMP column in a table.

You can either provide a value for that column yourself when you insert, such as NOW(), or you could set up a trigger to happen on insert into that table that would set it for you.

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Well the whole point is to automate these columns so no one has to explicitly specify a date/time. The less work to do the better. I guess triggers may slow the table down if the DB has to wait and before inserting records esp on largee tables so Now() seems a better bet to use? I need to change it to: created datetime Now() NOT NULL ? –  Tony38 Dec 23 '10 at 9:39
Unfortunately, you can not set functions such as NOW() to be the default value for a column. CURRENT_TIMESTAMP in the case of timestamp columns is a special magical exception. A trigger would add negligible time to your inserts - you should probably set up a CREATE TRIGGER my_trigger BEFORE INSERT ... –  TehShrike Dec 23 '10 at 9:44

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