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I am running Pylons on my local machine with paster, and on a Debian server using WSGI. I want to add some print statements to debug a problem: am not a Pylons or Python expert.

On my local machine this works fine: print statements go to the terminal. On the server, the statements don't print to the log files: instead the log file says "IOError: failed to write data" whenever a print statement is called.

Until I can fix this, I can't debug anything on the server.

Could someone advise how to get printing running on the server? Thanks!

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Don't use print statements, use the logging module. We can't help you without knowing the setup of the server.

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'sys.stderr.write' works, thank you. – AP257 Dec 23 '10 at 9:43

It's wrong for a WSGI application to use sys.stdout or sys.stderr. If you want to spit debug to a server error log, use environ['wsgi.errors'].write().

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