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I am implementing a client / server application based on google app engine. My client is implemented in plain old java. Now I would like to test the communication between app engine and my java client. To make the tests most realistic I would like to launch the actual app engine server with my application. When the app engine is running I would like to execute automated test cases which are based on my client's communication API. So my client should connect to the app engine server and I know whether the client server interaction works fine.

Does anybody know set ups where I can test this kind of client / server communication? Ideally the solution integrates with maven because I use it as build tool. But any non maven hints are welcome too :-)

What I tried until now is app engine's local unit testing:

But I don't know how to test client / server interaction with local unit testing. Any hints?

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Personally, I would suggest you test the two side independently during your unit-testing phase. In other words, test the client and its API calls and make sure everything is well-formed and it processes known good/bad responses correctly. Then test the server-side to make sure it processes known good/bad requests and responds correctly.

Of course, running some functional-tests to test the real interactions is also a good idea. You'll just need to start your dev server to be able to run the tests, then use your GUI automator of choice to run through some tests.

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i am rather interested in the concrete tooling with maven. do you have any hints? – Markus Peröbner Dec 31 '10 at 12:01

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