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I am trying to write a function that imports an .AVI file and returns a 3D matrix in MATLAB.

Ultimately, this is so I can perform an fftn on the 3d matrix.

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None at all, how far have you got ? You did do some work on the problem before you posted this question, didn't you ? Tell us what you did and we might be able to help. –  High Performance Mark Dec 23 '10 at 10:35

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% this is basically for gray scale video

function video3d

% the carwide.avi is video considered for making it % matrix


M=carobj.Height; % no of rows

N=carobj.Width; % no of columns

video=zeros(M,N,nFrames,'uint8'); % creating a video 3d matrix

for k= 1 : nFrames

im= read(carobj,k);

im=im(:,:,1);           % all three layers will have same image





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I would use the VIDEOREADER class.

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