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in my custom listview that Contain an image and EditText ,and in EditText i can comment the photo ,i can give text comment max length of 50 ,when i lost the focus in EditText i want to rearrange the text in EditText in following format

EG: suppose comment contain 40 char and user can at a time directly view only 20 char,then if i lost the focus text should be rearranged that at the end there should be 3 dot

Original Comment i wirte:eg-> eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee after i lost focus it should shown as-> eeeeeeeee...

it's importent that the nothing happens to original text because these text i want to send to server, and i directly take these values,and if am replace the text by new this type of text this will create problem, also when i gain focus i need to see full text also.

i have used this android:ellipsize="end"

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You have to set a specific value for android:ems on your EditText if you want to use the ellipsize function as it will only truncate strings longer than the EditTexts width. With ems or maxEms you can specify how many ems wide your EditText should be. Also don't forget to set android:singleLine to true.

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