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I'm new to android programming, and i'm writing a piece of code based on Fedor's LazyList example. The idea is to load images and text from a feed, so that works fine but a little prob occured : Images are downloaded and cached on SD Card, queued and displayed the problem is that the listview displayes the default images (on drawable folder) until i scroll it up or down there it shows the real images.

Please help.

Here's a link to code link text


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Please look at my sample code carefully. You should add imageView.setTag() before imageLoader.DisplayImage() in MessageListAdapter.

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Thanks Fedor, finally it works, I just added this holder.image.setTag(Message.getiLink().toString()); –  Houssem Dec 23 '10 at 20:20

This is because when you scroll getview function in the adapter is called and images are loaded in that function. You need to use some good / faster code to load images. I would suggest you to try below link.


It has headers in the list, you can just use the code of loading images from that example.

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ok will try this –  Houssem Dec 23 '10 at 11:18


getActivity().getApplicationContext() = getActivity().getBaseContext()
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