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Please give me an ideea for my code, its a simple links script. TY I need two foreach loops, one which loops my sites and one which loops my anchors. So i'll have

<li>link to site1 and anchor to site1</li>
<li>link to site2 and anchor to site2</li>
<li>link to site3 and anchor to site3</li>

$currentsite = ''.bloginfo('wpurl').'';
           $mysites = array('', '', '');
           $myanchors = array('anchor1','anchor2','anchor3');
           foreach($mysites as $mysite) ****** i need a foreach loop for the anchors array *******
           if ( $mysite !== $currentsite ){echo '<li><a href="'.$mysite.'" title="'.$myanchor.'">'.$myanchor.'</a></li>';}
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What are you asking here? – Jas Dec 23 '10 at 10:40
I have edited my post – webmasters Dec 23 '10 at 10:44
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I'm guessing you're trying to write out the links with the anchors.. Just use one array like this:

$mysites = array(
    'anchor1' => '',
    'anchor2' => ''

foreach($mysites as $anchor => $site) {
    if($site === $currentsite) { continue; }
    echo '<li><a href="'.$site.'" title="'.$anchor.'">'.$anchor.'</a></li>';
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// Assuming that $mysites and
// $myanchors have same sizes.
for ( $i = 0; $i < length($mysites); ++$i )
  $mysite = $mysites[ $i ];
  $myanchor = $myanchors[ $i ];
  // ...
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I would recommend to use an associative array with anchors as keys for the sites.

Then you could loop through this array and echo the values. In your example, $myanchor is never set.

$mysites = array(
        'anchor1' => '', 
        'anchor2' => '', 
        'anchor3' => '');

    foreach ($mysites as $anchor => $site) { //****** i need a foreach loop for the anchors array *******
        if ($site !== $currentsite) {
            echo '<li><a href="' . $site . '" title="' . $anchor . '">' . $anchor . '</a></li>';
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