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I've done a bit of searching around for a good RDF editor. But I'm not sure what one is the most utilised. Can anyone recommend one? I'm looking to write some simple RDF and maybe parse one or two RDF documents.

Many thanks

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Are you looking to work at the raw Triples level and in a human readable/editable syntax such as Turtle? If so you can get by just with Notepad or maybe try out my rdfEditor which is an early Alpha release but gives you nice syntax highlighting, checking and auto-completion. This is designed only for editing raw RDF data and does not give you any IDE tools for creating your data.

If you want to work at the class/individual (i.e. more abstract level) and have the editor care about the underlying RDF then you probably want to try either TopBraid Composer or Protege

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Super, thank you very much indeed –  Joeblackdev Dec 23 '10 at 14:01
Is your editor Windows only? –  Turion Feb 10 '14 at 11:57
Yes currently it only runs on Windows because it relies on WPF which has not been ported to Mono and so can't run on other OSes –  RobV Feb 10 '14 at 12:03

There's a new TextMate bundle for the Turtle RDF language which offers a bunch of cool features. https://github.com/peta/turtle.tmbundle

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Judging from the screenshots, Rhodonite http://rhodonite.angelite.nl/ makes a good impression. Unfortunately it seems to be abandonded and I could not get it to run on Windows7 (x64). But maybe it runs on your system (download is Windows only)

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If you're looking for a web-based RDF / Ontology editor, have a look at Web Protege, an open source web-based project by the Protege team mentioned in the accepted answer.

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