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hello I want to ask something .. is it possible if I change the contents of the website content while the content words were selected to determine the index position of the word?

example: there are 2 word foo in this sentence:

foo doo lala doo

doo I want to get a second index, but after I tried so far always index index gained the first doo. I have an idea when the second word doo modified with a unique word, then I get the position after the word is changed, but I still can get the value of the selected word (doo).

process that I want to do is like this:

var select = getSelected()+ ""; -------> **This is the part that I want to change**
   var index = hilangtandabaca.indexOf(select);
   if (index >= 0) {
    var strBefore = "";
    var strAfter = "";
    if (index > 0)
    strBefore = hilangtandabaca.substr(0, index);
    if (index < hilangtandabaca.length - 1)
    strAfter = hilangtandabaca.substr(index + select.length, hilangtandabaca.length - (index + select.length));
    alert("Before: " + strBefore + "\nAfter: " + strAfter);

this is the function i want to change :

function getSelected(){
   var userSelection;
   userSelection = document.getSelection().toString();
    return userSelection;

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I've answered a similar question of yours before: how to get selected text, but can I get surrounding context in javascript?

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but for sure i don't understand it –  user495688 Dec 24 '10 at 7:06

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