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I used the following code to generate a form in attached image. Is it possible to change the size of the fields in the form. I want to decrease size of input field of Estimated time and the dropbox field to the right of it


Type :{{=form.custom.widget.type}} Title :{{=form.custom.widget.title}} Description :{{=form.custom.widget.description}} Estimated Time :{{=form.custom.widget.estimated_time}}{{=form.custom.widget.estimated_time_unit}} {{=form.custom.submit}}


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Yes. You can and there are many ways.

The recommended way is to look at the generates JS. You will find it follows a naming convention described in the book. You can use CSS to change the look-and feel of every widget.

input[name=estimate_time] { width:50px }

Similarly you can use JS/jQuery (I would recommend you do this in the view).

jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('input[name=estimate_time]').css('width','50px');});

You can also use jQuery-like syntax in python in the controller:

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