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Guys i have struggling with flex since a day or two.I havent found a nice short tutorials.Actually i also have been struggling with FLEX IDE too.Please indicate a nice good tutorials for this I basically have questions like

  • Cannot use Alert in AS
  • Including a AS file in mxml file
  • org.com.structure and the as file in it.Why do we need to say pacakage org.com inside the as file
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if you have a few weeks you should get a copy of this book and read it instead of dealing with online tutorials: amazon.com/Adobe-Flex-Training-Michael-Labriola/dp/0321660501/… –  TheDarkIn1978 Dec 23 '10 at 13:10

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  • You can use flex Alert class. In pure AS, unlike JavaScript, there is no alert().
  • <mx:Script source="script.as"/>. But script.as will not know about MXML file, it's better to use class defined in as file as a control in MXML.
  • Because packages are compiler-enforced design decision, and who we are to discuss it.
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Flex in a week!


This video series helped me a lot..

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