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I'd like to utilize some lightweight task management (e.g. ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor) for periodically doing some Tasks which might block (e.g. because of waiting to acquire a monitor/lock). In such case the task management should detect that situation and should spawn another task/thread of the same kind which blocks.

How can this be achieved?

And as a bonus question: Documentation of ScheduledThreadPoolExecuter states that "If any execution of the task encounters an exception, subsequent executions are suppressed". In my case I rather would like to restart the task which failed. Is there a way to alter this behaviour?

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If you have a blocking tasks, what would be achieved by spawning another task which would also blocks. The only sensible thing to do when one tasks blocks is to allow another non-blocking task to execute. – Peter Lawrey Dec 23 '10 at 14:10
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For the first question : Use a java.util.concurrent.Lock and call tryLock() with a timeout. If the timeout expires (say, 5 seconds), then create a new task of the same kind as the current, pass it to the executor, and go back waiting for the lock, this time in a blocking way.

For the second question, I would consider enclosing the scheduled job in a big try/catch block to prevent unexpected exceptions to bubble up to the executor itself.

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Have you thought of using 3rd party open source software? The Quartz scheduler ( is very flexible and is worth to try.

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