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I am implementing a UISearchDisplayController. As the controller becomes active I load up the tableView with previous search terms, this is done so the user can easily tap the searchField, set the view in the search state - But if one of the users last 4-5 search terms is the one they are looking for they can just select it from the tableView.

The problem is that until anything is entered into the searchField then tableView remains "dimmed".

I have not been able so get around this, could someone please help figure it out. I have found no mention of the dimming in the UISearchDisplayController Class documentation or in the delegate documentation.

Thanks in advance.

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Did you get any answer i am having the same problem... Thanks –  mihir mehta Apr 26 '11 at 9:09
I ended up writing my own. the SearchDisplayController is not meant to be customized. –  RickiG May 2 '11 at 10:19
Thanks RickiG... I have used UIsearchedBar and managed things by my own ... –  mihir mehta May 2 '11 at 11:30

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You could try the horrible hack that's the selected answer to this question.

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