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I have jQueryUI tabs set to fade between tabs. But I would like to apply other effects, perhaps sliding. But since I am a newbie to jQuery I cannot seem to get the syntax right.

This is what works right now:
$( "#tabs" ).tabs({ fx: { opacity: 'toggle', duration:500} });

This however does NOT work:
$( "#tabs" ).tabs({ fx: { slide: 'toggle',duration:500} });

or this:
$( "#tabs" ).tabs({ fx: { slide: 'toggle',direction:'down',duration:500} });

I have also tried slideUp, slideDown, even explode..nothing other than opacity seems to work.

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try this one

$("#tabs").tabs({ fx: { height: 'toggle', duration: 1000 } });

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Have you tried this?

$("#tabs").tabs({fx:{height: "toggle"}}).tabs("slideDown", 500);
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only the first part works (fx...) but still the slide down effect does not. BTW if you do just this: $("#tabs").tabs("slideDown", 500); It breaks the Tabs widget –  DogBot Dec 23 '10 at 14:55

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