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type TSomething = record
 name: string;
 value: integer;
type TOtherSomething = record
 data: extended;
 data2: extended;
 data3: array of TSomethingAlien;
dynarray1: array of TSomething;
dynarray2: array of TOtherSomething;

Also, there's nasty procedure of deleting elements for each type:

procedure TForm1.DeleteSomething(N: integer);
   if N > High(dynarray1) then Exit;
   if N < Low(dynarray1) then Exit;
   if N = High(dynarray1) then begin
     SetLength(dynarray1, Length(dynarray1) - 1);
   Finalize(dynarray1[N]) ;
   System.Move(dynarray1[N +1], dynarray1[N],(Length(dynarray1) - N  -1) * SizeOf(TSomething) + 1) ;
   setLength(dynarray1, Length(dynarray1) - 1) ;

procedure TForm1.DeleteOtherSomething(N: integer);
... got the idea?

Binding the procedure to global object wasn't smart, but compiler groaned, when a var Dyna: array of TSomething was in function arguments, so Dyna was used instead of addressing to dynarray1. So I even can't overload the function for multiple data types with var argument! SetLength(Dyna, length(dynarray1) type mismatch! SetLength(Dyna, length(Dyna) type mismatch!

What is wanted:

  1. Overloaded DeleteElement(var Arr: TMultipleTypes, N: element): see above, why can't reach this goal.

  2. single DeleteElement implementation that works with any type of data in array? Something like <template> type support?

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Well, normal tlist class does most of this stuff, but is based on an array of pointers

The generic "tfplist" (requires 2.4.0+, see fgl unit) might be closer to what you want. But generics are still beta.

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