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I am trying to figure out a complex (at least for me!) mysql query and hoped someone here might have some clue's for me..

I have 2 tables "Users" and "files".


id, name, address, etc..

Files: id, user_id, file_name, etc..

I want to select all rows from Users and in the result create a last column that has a count of all file with where = Files.user_id.

I tried SELECT * from Users UNION(SELECT COUNT Files.user_id WHERE = Files.user_id) but doesn't work of course..

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select u.*, count(
from users u
left join files f on = f.user_id
group by
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this worked but I had already figured out another way.. I may double back though and go with your solution which is really the best way rather than 2 queries like I had done already.. :) – Dennis Dec 29 '10 at 1:59

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