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This question is a total noob one, but I can't get the difference between a normal footer and a sticky footer.

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In what context? Where are you reading about 'sticky footers'? I could randomly guess that 'sticky' might mean 'always at the bottom of the window, even if the content is longer than that', but it depends. I might as well ask you "What's the difference between a normal arm and a fronky arm?" Context matters. –  Phrogz Dec 23 '10 at 16:21
I'm reading about them in css-tricks.com right now. what I want to ask is, if there is no differenence between a normal one and a sticky one, then why do we use it? like the arm analogy, though!! –  Samia Ruponti Dec 23 '10 at 16:30

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Here is a clear idea of what a Sticky footer is: http://css-tricks.com/sticky-footer/

And an example: http://ryanfait.com/sticky-footer/

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I would guess a sticky footer is one that stays fixed to the bottom of a page, regardless of the length of content. Like this.

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Well done for the link –  BenWells Dec 23 '10 at 16:29

I assume a sticky footer stays at the same place on a screen all the time. In what context?

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A sticky footer is anchored to the bottom of the browser view port, as opposed to the bottom of the entire page. It retains its position relative to the bottom of the browser as the page scrolls.

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the sticky footer will always remain at a fixed position on the screen no matter you scroll or not.It will be visible all the time at that specific place.

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You can zoom out this page : http://maedeh.arianblog.com/ and also http://stackoverflow.com and compare what happens for their footers!

hope it helps!

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This CSS sticky footer code pushes a website's footer to the bottom of a browser window. It is valid CSS and HTML with no unsavory hacks, so it works in all of the major browsers (even the now defunct IE5 and IE6).

        How to use the CSS Sticky Footer on your website,

Add the following lines of CSS to your stylesheet. The negative value for the margin in .wrapper is the same number as the height of .footer and .push. The negative margin should always equal to the full height of the footer (including any padding or borders you may add). Follow this HTML structure. No content can be outside of the .wrapper and .footer div tags unless it is absolutely positioned with CSS. There should also be no content inside the .push div as it is a hidden element that "pushes" down the footer so it doesn't overlap anything.

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