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I am looking to have the Html table with 4 rows with in jquery modal but it is not fitting the corners of Modal.Iam opening the modal when i click on a button. it looks like we have the table inside the modal. How can I overcome that ?


                autoOpen: false,
                height: 390,
                width :480,
                resizable: false,   
                modal: true
    $("#button1").click(function (){
        $("#dialog1").dialog( "option", "closeOnEscape", false );


<div id="dialog1"  style="display:none">
    <table width ="100%" border = "1" align='center'>
            <td align = 'center'>tesstttt</td>
            <td>testin gggggg.</td>
            <td align = 'center'><img src="sp.gif" border="0" align="center" hspace="12"/></td>
            <td> errors:????</td>
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Can you add padding to the dialog1 div ? –  Derrick Dec 23 '10 at 16:45

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It sounds like the dialog corners are hiding part of the table.

Try adding margin to the table itself, actually.

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