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When writing a Windows application, the documentation says that some VK_CODEs are displayable characters, like VK_OEM1 is "o with an umlaut". How can I go from the WPARAM of non-ASCII characters into a displayable string? I'm using UTF-16.

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Maybe you're looking for the GetKeyNameText Function

It retrieves a string that represents the name of a key.

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like VK_OEM1 is "o with an umlaut".

Maybe on your machine. Not on mine, it is ';' or ':', depending on the Shift key state. These are virtual key codes. The ones that represent a typing key get converted to a character by ToUnicodeEx(), a function that takes a keyboard layout. And of course you have the non-typing keys that produce no character at all, like VK_F1 or VK_NUMLOCK. This gets a lot more complicated when the keyboard layout has dead keys, the kind you use to get a diacritic on top of a character. That why the function also requires a keyboard state.

Avoid this like the plague, WM_CHAR is your friend.

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