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First of all I'll clarify that at this moment I've no experience working on iOS apps. I have a new magazine project and I would like to convert it to a iPad compatible magazine.

I have been reading another questions here, at SO like What is the format of iPad magazine file created by InDesign where shows that "The Times" magazine is powered by woodwing as a plugin for InDesign CS4. I've looking for the woodwing website but I can't get clear what I solution I really need. I'm lost.

Our designers uses QuarkXpress to do the PDF of the final magazine that will be sent to print. I suppose that will be no problem switching to InDesign but I need to know what I really need and how much will cost us.

EDIT (because of questions and vote to close):

What is the easiest way to do/code a iPad magazine that will be designed on QuarkXpress or InDesign assuming that right now I've no experience with iOS?

Thank you in advance!

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12 easy steps:

  1. Buy a Mac. You need one.
  2. Buy an iPad. You need one.
  3. Install Xcode Developer Tools and iPhone SDK
  4. Learn iOS programming.
  5. Learn how to use UIWebView.
  6. Point the UIWebView to your PDF's path.
  7. Create a user-interface that is easy to use.
  8. Test, test, test, test, test, test, test, test, test.
  9. Remove all bugs and check for memory leaks.
  10. GOTO 7
  11. Submit your app to Apple.
  12. Make money.
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