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Parsing POMs
Discovered a new module be.howest:someproject someproject

It seems to find a new module on the first time I make a hudson job. Well, nothing really to worry, but it seems to execute everything twice, and I don't really know why. Another thing is: it gives this odd error (at least to me):

[WARNING] Removing: cobertura from forked lifecycle, to prevent recursive invocation.
[WARNING] Removing: findbugs from forked lifecycle, to prevent recursive invocation.

To me this looks like it tried to execute twice, but why is escaping me. Also, it has a module under the build, which is something i'm not very familiar with, but I wouldn't bother too much (and consider it normal) if it didn't do my tests twice.

right now it is running two phases: clean and test. I changed it to clean package, because I included javadoc in the package lifecycle, but nothing has changed.

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Maven will execute tests first without any instrumentation, then it will execute cobertura plugin that will instrument the classes and re-run all the tests. Thus, the tests will be executed twice.

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It is cobertura which makes the tests run the second time.

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