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I have two surface Views 1> MediaRecorder display surfaceview. 2> MediaPlayer SurfaceView displaying the Media recorded by MediaRecorder.

I want to display both the views simultaneously on the screen z ordered.

The mediaPlayer will be palying in full screen and the MediaRecorderPreview shd appear in the top right corner with some smaller size.

I am able to do this using two surfaces but the issue is that the MediaRecorder Preview always goes to the background z order and gets hidden by the mediaplayer full screen display.

Is their any way to define the Z order of Surface View.

Or is their any other suzzestion i can do to make this work. Can i start both MediaRecorder and MediaPlayer in a single surface?

Pls suggest. Thanks!!

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And how you are trying to achieve that? Always share code, so that we can try to figure out what's wrong. –  Cristian Dec 23 '10 at 19:08

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I want to display both the views simultaneously on the screen z ordered.

AFAIK, that is not supported by Android. Android cannot composite multiple SurfaceViews. It can handle a regular View (e.g., Button) on top of a SurfaceView, but not two SurfaceViews Z ordered.

I recommend redesigning your application to have a single SurfaceView at a time.

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Hi Commonsware, Can i display both MediaRecorder Preview and MediaPlayer view in a single SurfaceView. Pls suggest. Thnx. –  Deva Dec 28 '10 at 18:18
@Deva: That is not possible, AFAIK. –  CommonsWare Dec 28 '10 at 18:37

As of Android 2 (API level 5) having 2 surfaceviews is supported. You can set the zOrder of the 2 surface views using setZOrderMediaOverlay although apparently it breaks the intended semantics of SurfaceView.

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