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I'm building an events app that is very simple, it has a title and start_date and end_date. I would like to filter my query by mixing some of the values, like: if the start_date has passed but the end_date has not, the event is active and should be displayed. If both dates have passed, it should be omitted, too. I think that scopes is the aswer, but I only was able to filter the records within the view using some methods shown below.

I really would like to filter the query that is passed to the controller (@events). I want to show all events that are active, have a future start_date, or a past start_date but are still in progress (Today's date is in range between start_date and end_date)


I have made some scopes which return each part of the query. Chaining them actually substracts the results instead of merging them. So i have used this code and actually works do I do not know how solid or DRY this is. Looks kind of ugly to me... is this a decent way to merge queries in rails 3?

scope :active, where("active = ?", true)
scope :not_over_or_in_progress, lambda { where("start_date < ? AND end_date > ? OR end_date IS NULL AND start_date > ? OR end_date IS NOT NULL AND start_date > ?",,,, }
scope :valid,"start_date DESC")
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Now that you have the scopes, if you want to merge the results then do a union: | Event.in_progress( Note that this will produce a regular old array instead of an ActiveRecord::Relation object. ie. you won't be able to chain further queries. – monocle Dec 24 '10 at 5:58

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Try using scopes:

class Event < AR::Base
  scope :active, lambda { |date| where("start_date < ? AND end_date > ?", date) }
  scope :future, lambda { |date| where("end_date < ?", date }

# Console
> @active_events =
> @future_events = Event.future(


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I've added some more code to my question based on your sugestions, but still lack the ability to merge the queries or scopes. If I chain them active.in_progess.single, I get 2 results, instead of the result of a merge (more results) – Landitus Dec 24 '10 at 4:15
Made some improvements and have worked it out thanks to your sugestions, but not sure if the code is solid, still. Can you comment on it? – Landitus Dec 24 '10 at 4:37

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