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I have the following code. The angle function needs some information from the class it was called from. What's the best way to do this?

class MyScannedRobotEvent extends robocode.ScannedRobotEvent {

    public int angle(robocode.Robot myRobot) {
        return (int) Math.toRadians((myRobot.getHeading() + getBearing()) % 360);

public class MyRobot extends robocode.Robot {
int a = MyScannedRobotEvent.angle(*WHATDOIPUTHERE?*);
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Your question isn't clear. Method angle is in class MyScannedRobotEvent, so you can't invoke it from MyRobot the way you have it coded. Please describe more clearly with a compilable example what you are trying to accomplish. – Jim Garrison Dec 24 '10 at 2:52
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Pass this.

int a = MyScannedRobotEvent.angle(this);

See also:

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Ah thanks. I'm trying out Java after learning C#/VB .NET. Is this the best way of doing it? – Free Bullets Dec 24 '10 at 2:56
Depends on the context, which isn't clear from your question. You'll discover it sooner or later though. As far now, that's the only way. – BalusC Dec 24 '10 at 3:19
@Free Bullets: Buddy you should read and practice a lot to be comfortable with Java and to know the best ways. – Mudassir Dec 24 '10 at 3:34

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