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INFORMIX-SE 4.10.DD6: I seem to be having spurious problems like missing pointers with C-ISAM files in my SE database. When I do 'bcheck -y FILE_123' it says it has rebuilt indexes and fixed the problem, but when I re-run bcheck on it again, it repeats the same error messages and says it fixed it, but not true! I know this is an unsupported/outdated version of SE, but if you can think of any other alternative to fixing this other than unloading/dropping table/re-create and load back in, I would appreciate any help. When I used SE 2.10.06, bcheck worked fine, but since moving up to 4.10, C-ISAM files and bcheck have been problematic.

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There's the old trick of:

  • Create a new table with the same index structure as the table that is giving trouble.
  • Copy the (almost empty) index file for the new table over the index file of the old one.
  • Rerun bcheck.

Of course, you take precautions:

  • You create the new table.
  • You copy the data file of the troublesome index file somewhere.
  • You copy the new index file beside it.
  • Run bcheck on the new copies.
  • Rerun bcheck on the rebuilt file.
  • Only copy stuff over the database copy if everything looks OK.
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oh yeah, thanks!..but I'm still wundering why bcheck is unable to repair it. Would it be a good idea to periodically unload the tables? I'm not using any transaction logging or audit table. would creating audits on just critical tables and recovering from audit work? –  FrankComputerAtYmailDotCom Dec 24 '10 at 3:44
@Frank: There's no sensible answer - I have no idea why not, and neither will anyone else at this stage. The software you are using is old enough to drink legally; who knows what vices and virtues it has picked up in its career so far. –  Jonathan Leffler Dec 24 '10 at 3:47
understood!.. I'm almost done with a basic conversion of my app to Access 2010, but there's some things about A10 I really don't like, but my users want the integration with Excel and other Office modules. –  FrankComputerAtYmailDotCom Dec 24 '10 at 4:00

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