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I want to use PEAR's HTML_Template_IT in one of my Wordpress page templates so I can separate the HTML from the PHP. I got it working, except I am not sure about one thing.

Wordpress's built-in function get_header() actually echo's HTML - so I can't technically set it as a template variable. Is this considered acceptable or is there another way to put the contents of get_header() in a variable?


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Well, you could do ob_start() to turn output buffering on, call the function, use ob_get_contents() to get the value that would be echoed and then use ob_end_clean() to erase the buffer and turn buffering off.

See Output Buffering Control for more.

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Watch out for get_footer(),get_sidebar(),... They work the same way.

They are all handled by do_action() .../wp-includes/plugin.php code: call_user_func_array($the_['function'],....)

Perhaps it's better to place you 'get html-code' there. But watch out on WP-Updates.

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So in other words, make these functions return the HTML instead of printing them out? That's actually a pretty good idea, but I'm not using the template engine on the entire site so it would break the regular functionality in other places. – David Ryder Dec 24 '10 at 6:07

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