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Hibernate newbie here. I am trying my best to understand Hibernate and ORM in general and I do think I like some of the examples that I have been doing.

I am used to hard-core JDBC alone mapping and I really like what this Hibernate can bring.

But question though, I am at the annotation section now.

Configuration config = new AnnotationConfiguration();

But when I look up at the Javadocs of Hibernate 3.6 it has a tag of @Deprecated. All the tutorial that I am following is mentioning about how to configure annotation with these steps. But it didnt mention about any deprecation.

Am I missing something? Thanks

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you can use the base class Configuration directly

Configuration config = new Configuration();

you will find in java doc for AnnotationConfiguration:

Deprecated. All functionality has been moved to Configuration

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Thanks. Got it. I miss the message above while reading the API.. –  Mark Estrada Dec 25 '10 at 15:34

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