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I’ve only just started using ASP.NET MVC, and I have a somewhat trivial question: it seems that each controller has an attached folder-like path, so that my site becomes mydomain.net/Home/something. Is it possible to somehow get rid of the /Home part, so that the Home controller becomes ‘default’ for my web site and it’s possible to just use mydomain.net/something instead?

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Sure, just define a route like so:

routes.MapRoute("{action}/{id}", new {controller="Home", action="Index", id=""});

The only problem is what about requests for your other controllers? For example, is


A request for HomeController.Product("Foo") or ProductController.Foo()?

You might need to use constraints to make the distinction clear.

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I did a blog post on a simple way to handle this. I created a route constraint that selects a controller that you want to use for the root of your site. Here is the blog post if you're interested.

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