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Is it possible to output the call stack when an assert fails in Release mode?

I can see the call stack inside Visual Studio when an assert fails in Debug mode. I have compiled Release mode with NDEBUG removed so that assertions are compiled. When this assert fails, the assert parameters are printed onto the console. It would be very helpful if I can somehow get an output of the call stack too.

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The debug info (function names and such) would have to be compiled into the binaries for this to be possible. Is that what you're asking how to do? – Gabe Dec 24 '10 at 5:30

There are two functions that should help: CaptureStackBackTrace and StackWalk64 (requires Dbghelp.dll, here's an example).

Anyhow, both of them return you only a list of return addresses, so have to resolve them into function names manually. You can set VS to generate a MAP file with addresses of all functions in you executable. Here's how.

Also, don't forget that some functions may (and will) be inlined. So don't be surprised when instead of A -> B -> C you will see A -> C calls tack.

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