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When I try to create a new Maintenance Plan in SQL Server, I get the following warning:

The action you attempted to perform on a remote instance of SQL Server has failed because the action requires a SQL Server component that is not installed on the remote computer. To proceed, install SQL Server 2005 Management Tools on the remote computer, and then try again. For more information, see "How to: Install SQL Server 2005 (Setup)" in SQL Server 2005 Books Online, or find the article on MSDN at . (ObjectExplorer)

However, the tools are installed, AFAIK. I'm connecting to the local machine. Here's a screenshot of both the error message alongside SQL Server telling me it won't install the management tools because they are already there.

alt text

(previous step here)

Any ideas?

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Ah - nevermind on this. The response is simply a bit misleading. It's only complaining about part of what I was asking to install. When I decided to progress, it did in fact install some things.

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