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I am trying to develop an iphone app for a faceook a GROUP for which I am a member. I want everyone(who ever downloads it) to be able to use this app. This app will only display the wall post and photos posted into this GROUP by group members. Basically I want to avoid making app owners logging into this app..instead the app should open without asking for logging. I am totally fine with saving my login credentials inside the code too ...!!!

I have successfully read json outputs from tweeter,googel calender etc. Is there a facebook json feed for which I can specify the group name and get all the information.

Any advice on how to go about in this project is greatly appreciated.


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Check the Graph API Reference to learn what is possible to get for Facebook groups. Then you can use the Facebook iOS SDK to your application.

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Great help..thanks ...!!!! –  bp581 Dec 29 '10 at 4:42

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