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I need to map RVA (Relative virtual address that's taken from pdb file) to PE file(EXE) offset when reading PE file from a disk location. For this I need to convert RVA to file offset so that I can read out GUIDS(CLSID,IID's) from that location.

Regards Usman

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template <class T> LPVOID GetPtrFromRVA(
   DWORD rva,
   T* pNTHeader,
   PBYTE imageBase ) // 'T' = PIMAGE_NT_HEADERS
   INT delta;

   pSectionHdr = GetEnclosingSectionHeader( rva, pNTHeader);
   if ( !pSectionHdr )
      return 0;

   delta = (INT)(pSectionHdr->VirtualAddress-pSectionHdr->PointerToRawData);
   return (PVOID) ( imageBase + rva - delta );

template <class T> PIMAGE_SECTION_HEADER GetEnclosingSectionHeader(
   DWORD rva,
   T* pNTHeader)   // 'T' == PIMAGE_NT_HEADERS
    unsigned i;

    for ( i=0; i < pNTHeader->FileHeader.NumberOfSections; i++, section++ )
      // This 3 line idiocy is because Watcom's linker actually sets the
      // Misc.VirtualSize field to 0.  (!!! - Retards....!!!)
      DWORD size = section->Misc.VirtualSize;
      if ( 0 == size )
         size = section->SizeOfRawData;

        // Is the RVA within this section?
        if ( (rva >= section->VirtualAddress) &&
             (rva < (section->VirtualAddress + size)))
            return section;

    return 0;

should do the trick...

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What would be PBYTE "imageBase" address be in this case? Is this what u can get by loading dll as LoadLibrary("xyz.dll")? If thsi is so, how would then be in case of EXE? (which can't be loaded in this way properly). –  Usman Dec 24 '10 at 13:55
Simply load the contents of the exe as a binary file into a memory buffer so that you can walk the PE file structure easily. The image base is the pointer to the start of that buffer. –  Len Holgate Dec 24 '10 at 14:16
actually this one not giving me the correct (Offset where the GUID is located) which I need. It gives me some other arbitrary offset. can u please give me your e-mail id so that I can give you complete description and sample pdb of whole RVA I have known? –  Usman Dec 28 '10 at 5:14
Might be I have to subtract image base address from this code's returned offset. –  Usman Dec 28 '10 at 7:54
I assume you're templatising on the correct header type, i.e. the x86 or x64 structure? –  Len Holgate Dec 28 '10 at 8:07

You can use ImageRvaToVa function.

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