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I currently have a Rails website that has some Prototype scripting in it. My boss however wants me to to convert the page so that it uses the JQUERY library instead. I don't have too much experience in programming in Javascript so I am a bit confused. I basically downloaded a plugin called 'jrails' that helps move over the helpers that are need from Prototype's 'script.aculo.us' and translates them into something JQUERY can understand

Here are two codes:


new Form.Element.Observer('new_member_search', 0.5, function(element, value){
    new Ajax.Updater('ProjectMemberNew', '/of/user/search', {
        parameters:'username=' + encodeURIComponent(value)


$('#new_member_search').delayedObserver(0.5, function(element, value){
        data:'username=' + value,

The prototype code works fine, but the Jquery doesn't seem to run for some reason. I haven't changed anything in the View by the way, just included 'jrails' in the page. Any idea why this isn't working? Thanks,


So I ran some tests in Firebug and I'm thinking maybe I should have posted the original rails code:

 <%= drop_receiving_element drop_id,
  :onDrop => "function(drag_element, drop_element, event){
if (confirm(\"#{escape_javascript(_('This will remove User from this Group, are you sure?'))}\"))
{#{remote_function(:update => 'module_content',
:url => {:controller => :projects,
:action => :member_delete,
:id => @project.id},
:with => "'u=' + encodeURIComponent(drag_element.id)"
  :accept => 'RolesUsersSelection',
  :hoverclass => "#{drop_class}_active"


When I run the webpage on firebug, the jquery version is giving me a couple errors:

Prototype is not defined
[Break On This Error] linear: Prototype.K,
effect...2478493 (line 71)
$.effects is undefined
[Break On This Error] $.effects.drop = function(o) {
jquery...4111587 (line 15)
$("#RemoveThisMember").droppable is not a function
[Break On This Error] }, hoverClass:'ProjectRoleDropDelete_active'})
member_edit (line 323)
$("#role_15_user_4").draggable is not a function
[Break On This Error] $("#role_15_user_4").draggable({revert:true}) 

Something tells me I cant just transfer over to the jquery library without making any changes to the rails code..

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Are you using the .delayedObserver plugin? –  Nick Craver Dec 24 '10 at 10:44
nope. just the prototype with script.aculo.us. Will it work with the delayedObserver plugin? –  TheRealVayne Dec 25 '10 at 20:25
wait no i am using the .delayedObserver plugin. sorry. –  TheRealVayne Dec 27 '10 at 3:54
Are you getting an error? If so, please post it on your question. Try some stuff out in Firebug. Does $('#new_member_search') bring up an empty array, or are there entries? If there are entries, try $('#new_member_search').delayedObserver. Does it return function() or nothing at all? If it returns function(), check the jQuery docs to see how it's supposed to work. Maybe one of the parameters is incorrect. –  Samo Dec 30 '10 at 20:53

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You had to initialize jquery first, then jquery-ui and then jrails. if its not in that order delayedObserver or any of the other helpers won't initialize. Strange indeed. https://github.com/aaronchi/jrails/issues#issue/6

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