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We've decided to standardize on log4net and log4cxx for our logging infrastructure. I'd like to give our system administrators and other staff access to the events and information we are logging. So the short is, I'm looking for some a some recommended tools that help you keep track of the events coming out of your logger.

Preferably any tool that can do so, could watch for events in real-time so that we can proactively respond, but that could simply be a matter of combining products.

Here's my short list of products that appear to be easy to integrate with a log4 environment.

  • Chainsaw
  • Log4viewer
  • Log4net Dashboard

What viewers are you using?

FWIW, there is another question on stackoverflow that at a glance appears to be similar, but the author seems to be looking for a viewer for Enterprise Library, not log4*.


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I use BareTail.

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on windows with a GUI BareTail is OK, I haven't tried it with huge files though. It lacks features like searching for a world in the log file... without a gui, tail port to windows is good enough. gVim is also very good with huge files. I'm not sure if it does any tail-like functionality.

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