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I have a db in which 1 column value will be always null.I want it to pass to next page but it is passing all values of other column except this null value column.

This is my code

    $row=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `thirdpartycategorymaster` WHERE ISNULL(`delete`)");

  <td><b><a href="catdel.php?head1=<?php echo $row1['ThirdPartyCategoryName'] . '&&msg1=' . $row1['ThirdPartyCategoryID'] . '&&ctdel=' . $row1['delete']; ?> ">Delete</a></b></td>

This my db table ThirdPartyCategoryID ThirdPartyCategoryName delete 29 ecommerce NULL

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It's null, so what exactly do you want to pass on? The string "null" ? –  Jan Hančič Dec 24 '10 at 9:34
Yes.You are correct. –  wangdoo Dec 24 '10 at 9:43

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// ...
while($row1 = mysql_fetch_array($row)) {
  <td><b><a href="catdel.php?head=<?php echo $row1['ThirdPartyCategoryName'] ?>&amp;msg1=<?php echo $row1['ThirdPartyCategoryID']?>&amp;ctdel=<?php echo ((is_null($row1['delete'])) ? 'null' : $row1['delete']) ?>">Delete</a></b></td>

untested ... but I think it will do what you need ;-)

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Well, a null value in MySQL translates to null in PHP.

If you concatenate a string with null, then you get the same string back (null becomes an empty string):

echo 'This is null: ' . null;
// prints This is null: 

What exactly do you want to pass as values? The string 'null'? If so, as all the entries hav e null in the field, you can just hardcode it:

echo $row1['ThirdPartyCategoryName'] . '&msg1=' . $row1['ThirdPartyCategoryID'] . '&ctdel=null';
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