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Is there any porting of Love2D game engine to iPhone/iPad?

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Unfortunately, not yet. The reason might be that Apple only allow static libraries on the iPhone.


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Bill Meltsner has started work on an iPhone port. Check it out, it current;y only works in the simulator, but he seems to be progressing fairly well:

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Love is not available for mobiles... but check out Corona SDK! it lets you create cross-platform mobile apps with Lua! I highly recommend it!

It runs on iOS, Android, Nook, Kindle, Oouya and more!

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The closest alternative would be the Moai framework. It's a free, open source, Lua-based game engine/library, like LÖVE, but in addition to running on Windows, Mac and Linux, it runs on iOS and Android (and apparently the Chrome browser, too; no clue how that works, haven't tried it yet).

The API is a bit lower level than LÖVE, but from what I've seen so far it seems to be exceptionally well engineered and is super fast. Wolf Toss (also available on Android) was written with it.

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There is now! Have a look at the Love2D Forum post right here

It is stable and running, requirement is at least Xcode 4.3, working on iPhone, iPad, Simulator as well as real device.

Have a nice day

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