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A little context: I have a document for each user that contains an array with latest 20 events related to a user. As MongoDB does not have this feature(to cap arrays inside a document), I will push my event and pop the latest one.

My problem: initializing the document(aka filling array with nulls). I want to atomically:

  • create document containing an array with 20 null values and push one value, if document does not exist


  • update document (push one value in array), if document exists

Do you have any other suggestions? A hack I thought about would be to declare a index with :unique and :dropDups, and to always make an initialization insert.

Related to: MongoDB fixed size array implementation

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This is an old question but there is now a useful $setOnInsert command. There is no command for update but its a start.… – Yashua Aug 8 '15 at 18:45
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Not possible in a single operation, yet. You want or

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