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I have two tables: T1:

| M_ID | P_ID1 | P_ID2 | rest of T1 columns |
|  0   |   0   |   1   |         ...        |
|  1   |   2   |   3   |         ...        |


| P_ID | Type | A | B |
|  0   |   1  | a | e |
|  1   |   2  | b | f |
|  2   |   1  | c | g |
|  3   |   2  | d | h |

Now, I want to have a query that selects this:

| M_ID | P_1a | P_1b | P_2a | P_2b | rest of T1 columns |
|  0   |  a   |  e   |  b   |  f   |         ...        |
|  1   |  c   |  g   |  c   |  h   |         ...        |

So, in words: I want to select all columns from T1, but I want to replace P_ID1 with the columns from T2, where the P_ID is equal to P_ID1, and the type is 1, and basically the same for P_ID2.

I can obviously get the information I need with multiple queries, but I was wondering if there is a way that I can do this with one query. Any ideas?

I'm currently using SQL Server 2008r2, but I'd also be interested in solutions for other database software.

Thanks for the help!

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Sure, you just need to use a join:

select T1.M_ID, t2_1.A as P_1a, t2_1.B as P_1b, t2_2.A as P_2a, t2_2.B as P_2b, ...
from T1, T2 t2_1, T2 t2_2
where T1.P_ID1 = t2_1.P_ID and T1.P_ID2 = t2_2.P_ID 

basically we are joining T1 onto T2 twice, once for the P_1 values and a second time for the P_2 values. You need to alias T2 when you join it twice to distinguish between the two (that's what the t2_1 and t2_2 are - a means of distinguishing between the two instances of the joined T2).

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This is the same as @John Pickup's solution only using modern join syntax:

select T1.M_ID, t2_1.A as P_1a, t2_1.B as P_1b, t2_2.A as P_2a, t2_2.B as P_2b, ...
from T1
     join T2 t2_1 on T1.P_ID1 = t2_1.P_ID 
     join T2 t2_2 on T1.P_ID2 = t2_2.P_ID 

I only post a seperate answer, as there is no code formatting in comments as you get told here

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