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I am using asp.net membership and I have checked the table aspnet_membership and I can see two fields password and saltpassword which look like this QoasdDKkh5x9RizpadsGsC9N30= and tO9xYGRkjaFGaskKnTVobiJnMDQ== respectvely.

is there any tool, Stored procedure, program, online utility tool by which I can see the actual text of that password?

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The only possible way you can recover the password is via brute forcing the hash against a dictionary. This will essentially test (as many as possible) combinations of words / letters until a match is found.

Short of finding a vulnerability in the hash this is all there is. It was originally hashed exactly to prevent finding out the plaintext.

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The whole point of hashing a password is that you can't recover it (or at least not easily).

The idea is that you store a hash so you can test that against the hash calculated for the password provided by the user subsequently.

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